Must Know Headlines


Never Forget: The Obama Government Created The Russia Hoax

 Celebrities Who Dropped Out Of Middle & High School
Yet Tell US How To Vote & Think 

Nearly 7,000 Undocumented Immigrants
Arrested In One Week In Rio Grande Valley

BRAZEN! Bernie “Hires Illegal Immigrant”
To Be His Potty Mouthed Press Secretary

Trump’s ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy Is Changing
How Immigrants Try To Enter The US


Democrats Prepare Congressional Hearings
Over Trump Saying ‘Fake News’

Deep DC Swamp Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Hit With Serious Ethics Violation

Governor Cuomo ‘Working Intensely’
To Bring Amazon Back To New York

Nancy Pelosi To Trump:
“Do The Country A Favor, Don’t Run”

MSM Profile Of Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Shows
She Hated America Since Her Arrival

80 Democrats In Congress Voted Against Infanticide
In 2003, Now Almost Every Democrat Supports It

Waters: Trump Committed Impeachable
Offense With Hush Money Payments

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Plantation Enforcer WaPo Accuses Lynne
Patton of Using Michael Cohen Hearing For Reality Show Audition

LOL! WashPost Releases ‘Editor’s Note’
On Covington Kids After Lawsuit

MEDIA SILENT: Clinton Foundation Connected AGT
Forwarded Top Secret US Intel To RUSSIA
– FBI/DOJ Covered It Up – PART V

CNN And MSNBC Blacked Out Coverage Of
Democrats Supporting Infanticide

Middle School Drop Out Jennifer Lawrence
Breaks Down The Ways In Which The Political
System No Longer Works For The Average American Citizen

Rolling Stone Gushes: Liberal ‘Women Shaping
The Future’ In Congress