Must Know Headlines


The President Has The Power To Suspend
All Immigration Right Now

Obama Judge: “Including Citizenship Question On
The Census Is  Fundamentally Counterproductive To
The Goal Of Obtaining Accurate Citizenship Data”

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief Of Staff Schemed
To Hide $1 Million Campaign Cash


Illegal Alien Allegedly Beat Infant To Death In Texas

Migrant Gang Member Allegedly Yells ‘F-You’ Before
Assaulting Border Patrol Agent With Lawnmower Blade

178 Immigrant Detainees In Texas Suffering From Mumps

DHS Predicts 1 Million Illegal Aliens
Will Try to Cross the Border This Year

Hispanic Caucus: DACA Not Enough, Need Amnesty For All

CBP Chief: 63% of Illegal Traffic At SW Border
Would Be Addressed By Changing the Law


Democrat Congresswomen Want To Lower Voting Age To 16

DNC Bars Fox News From Covering 2020 Democratic Primaries

Ocasio-Cortez & Top Aide Run Outside Group Leading
‘War’ On Establishment Democrats, Documents Show

House Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For
12th Time, Refuse Care for Aborted Babies Born Alive

Speaker Pelosi: We Should Not Be ‘Suppressing
The Vote Of Our Newcomers To America’

Ilhan Omar Supporters Slam Democratic Leadership:
‘It Is No Longer Political Suicide To Criticize Israel’

Congressional Black Caucus Members Form Protective
Circle Around Ilhan Omar — STIFF ARM Reporters

Bernie Sanders Hires Twice-Arrested
Illegal Alien As Press Secretary

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Ignores 76,000 Illegals Caught In Feb.,
Just Seconds from ABC, CBS

Washington Post Walks Back Smears Of
Covington Boys After $250M Lawsuit

National Association Of Black Journalists
Places CNN On ‘Media Monitoring List’

CNN’s Cuomo Politicizes Alex Trebek’s
Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis