Must Know Headlines


President Trump Bashes ‘Illegal Takedown That Failed,’
Hints That Republicans Will Investigate The Hoaxers

Trump’s Got More Women As Close Advisors Than Obama Bush & Clinton

The Media Is Catching Up To The Border Crisis. Will Congress?

Russian Military Planes Carrying Troops And Material Land In Venezuela


Rep. Bradley Byrne: Illegal Alien Accused Of
Killing Sonya Jones Used Catch And Release To Live In US

Six MS-13 Gang Members Charged With Stabbing
Teen 100 Times For Trying To Leave The Gang


Top Democrat: There’s No Collusion, But
We’re Going to Investigate Trump Anyway

Planned Parenthood CEO Denies Babies Are Born Alive
After Abortions: “There’s No Such Thing As Infanticide”

 Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Full CAIR Speech —
She Calls On Muslims To ‘Raise Hell’ And ‘Make
People Uncomfortable,’ Blames Trump For NZ Shootings

Ilhan Omar Trashes Pro-Israel Protesters:
‘Could Care Less About What They Have To Say’

Pro-Abortion Cory Booker: Trump’s Policies
“Literally” Could “Cause People’s Death”

Democrat-Activist Media

Good News For Trump Doesn’t Make Google’s News Suggestions

CNN Still Hoping For Trump Impeachment

LOL! Even Al Sharpton Says Democrats
‘Have To Move On’ From Trump-Russia Probe

Watch These SHOCKING ABC Reactions
To Mueller; ‘All Out Win For’ Trump

Hollywood Digs In On Russia Conspiracies:
‘Fight For Our Democracy Is About To Intensify’

Washington Post Tests Conspiracy: Trump
‘Repaying’Putin For Election ‘Help’

Dr. Dre Celebrates Daughter’s Acceptance To
USC ‘All On Her Own,’ Despite His $70M Donation