Must Know Headlines


Nellie Ohr, Wife Of DOJ Official, Did Extensive Oppo
Research On Trump Family, Aides: Transcript

Nellie Ohr Met Steele The Day Before
FBI Began Probing Trump Campaign

The Time Is Now To Investigate Two Years Of Lies

Venezuelan Government Bans Guaido
From Running For Office Until 2034

Teachers’ Unions Step Up Fight Against Charter Schools

ILLEGAL Immigration

92% Of ILLEGAL Immigrant “Families” Ignore Deportations

‘Get Serious And Stop Rewarding Illegal Immigration,’
Border Patrol Agent Says To Congress

DHS: Border Crossings Reach 4,100 Migrants In One Day

DHS Nielsen: Border Security Is In ‘System-Wide Meltdown’

Donald Trump Threatens To Shut Mexico Border, Again

Donald Trump: Illegal Immigrants Met By Democrat Lawyers At The Border

Fake Hate Crime

Tina Tchen To The Rescue: High-Powered Obama
Fixer Pulls Strings For Hoaxster Jussie Smollett

Former Deputy Asst. Attorney General: If Convicted Of Corruption,
State’s Attorney Kim Foxx Faces Up To 20 Years in Prison (VIDEO)

Chicago Demands $130,000 From Smollett,
Threatens New Charge If He Doesn’t Pay Up

Illinois Prosecutors Bar Association Slams
Kim Foxx For Jussie Smollett Decision

Hysterical: Smollett Attorneys Demand
Apology From Chicago Mayor


Kim Foxx Spoke at Fundraiser Hosted By George Soros Son This Month

Kim Foxx: We Would Have Convicted Jussie Smollett If Case Went To Trial

Ilhan Omar Blames ‘White Nationalism’ For Border
Crisis Forcing Outdoor Detention Of Migrants

Winner Of An Uncontested Election In A
Heavily (D) District Rep. Tlaib On Obama Meeting:
‘He Looked Straight At Me And Said, I’m Proud Of You’

Eric Holder: American ‘Greatness’ Never Really Existed

Puerto Rico Gov. Rossello On Trump: ‘If The Bully
Gets Close, I’ll Punch The Bully In The Mouth’

Adam Schiff ‘Colluded’ With Russian
‘KGB Officers’ Offering Nude Photos Of Trump

Democrat-Activist Media

Even NY Times Columnist Admits Collusion Was A ‘Seductive Delusion’

HUD Sues Facebook- Says Used Ad Platform For Housing Discrimination

OH NO! How Will Georgia Survive?!:  Baldwin,  Schumer, O’Donnell,
Penn and Others Will Boycott Georgia If It Bans Abortion

USA Today Spikes Op-Ed On Mueller Report For
Using ‘Not Reliable’ Conservative Sources