Must Know Headlines


Black Actor Praises Trump, Slams Obama:
“I Will Work With Anyone As Long As Things Get Done’

The Mueller Report Will Continue To Arm The Anti-Trump Forces

Crazed Bernie Supporter With Mohawk Attacks Elderly Man Wearing
MAGA Hat – Chases Him Out of Starbucks Screaming ‘Get The F*ck Out’

Students Now Facing Charges For Harassment
Of Border Patrol Agents On Campus

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Alien From Honduras Charged With Murder, Kidnapping
And Aggravated Sexual Assault Of 45-Year-old Nanny In New Jersey

Deported Illegal Alien Sex Offender Charged With Producing Child Porn

Illegal Alien Sentenced To 25 Years For Raping 12-Year-Old Girl

Border Agents Rescue Migrant Mother And Her 3 Kids
Right Before They Drowned In The Rio Grande

Video Shows Migrants Abusing Children At Arizona Border Fence

Illegal Alien Uber Driver Charged With Raping Passenger

The Trump Administration Is Expanding A Program
That Boots Asylum Seekers Back To Mexico


Castro Plans To Grant Millions Amnesty, Gut Immigration Enforcement

House Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For
26th Time, Refuse Care for Aborted Babies Born Alive

Rep. Ilhan Omar Facing Results of Campaign Finance Probe

Businesses! Book Deals! 2020 Democrats To
Deliver Socialism On Their Own Silver Platters

House Democrats Want ‘Oversight’ Over Fox News’ Editorial Decisions

Soaring Democratic 2020 Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s Dad Was A Marxist

Biden Meets His Me Too Moment

Top Democrat Calling For Full Mueller Report Had
Different View When Bill Clinton Was Investigated

Democrat-Activist Media

Hostin Blows Up at McCain:
‘Obama Admin Was Indeed Scandal-Free!’

Evening CBS Promotes Democrats
Defending Touchy-Feely Joe Biden

Jorge Ramos: Trump Threat to Close Border
‘Just Simply A Presidential Tantrum’

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: ‘Lock Her Up’ Was ‘
Hate Speech’ FBI Could Have ‘Shut Down’