Must Know Headlines


DOJ Has Been ‘Rogue Agency’ Part Of
Coup Effort Against President Trump

Candace Owens: ‘White Nationalism’ Didn’t Do
This Damage To Blacks, ‘Democrat Policies Did’

House Conservative Form Anti-Socialism Caucus

MAGA-Phobia: Mexican Woman Attacked By
Crazed Liberal For Wearing Trump Hat (Video)


US Giving More Money To Aid Terrorist
Nations Than It Gives To Border Patrol

DHS Releases Nearly 8,000 Border
Crossers, Illegal Aliens In One Week

Jessica Vaughan: 7 Steps Trump Can
Take To Solve Border Crisis

WATCH: Business Of Human Smuggling Into U.S.

Pentagon Awards $1 Billion To Build Trump Border
Wall — $789,000,000 To Galveston Company


Georgia Gov Will Sign Abortion Ban Despite
Hollywood Boycott: “We Value Life in Our State”

Scalise Says ‘It’s Murder’ To Deny Medical
Care to Abortion-Surviving Babies


What We Know About The ‘Sex Cult’ That Allegedly
Entangled A Presidential Candidate’s Father

Democrat-Activist Media

Burying Facts: WashPost Skipped Immigration
Status In Muslim Girl’s Brutal Rape, Murder

Disgraceful: Newsweek Glorifies
Ilhan Omar On Its Latest Cover

The Demise Of Media Objectivity

Media Sling Mud At Trump’s Conservative Federal Reserve Picks

The Media’s Terrible Power Summed Up In One Statistic