Must Know Headlines


ANOTHER Caravan Forms In Honduras – Nearly 1,000
More Migrants Headed To US Amid Border Crisis

Kim Foxx Lets 16-Year-Old’s Killer Off With Probation

Omar Blames Crenshaw, Fox News For ‘Dangerous
Incitement’ Against Her. Here’s How They Responded.

Lindsay Graham Is Now Drafting His Gun Confiscation Bill


Nancy Pelosi And Democrats Block Bill To Stop Infanticide
For 32nd Time, Refuse Care For Babies Born Alive

Ohio Democrat Pushes For Black Children To Be Aborted

 Lewandowski: Trump Knows Barack Obama Authorized
Spying. “He Knew About This. He Authorized It.” (VIDEO)

Every House Democrat But 1 Co-Sponsors Bill Forcing
Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete On Girls’ Sports Teams

Sanders: Under Medicare For All, Private
Insurers Will Solely Cover Cosmetic Surgery

Oops! Maxine Waters – Head of Banking Committee
– Asks Bankers About Student Loans, Has NO
IDEA Government Took Over Program in 2010

ILLEGAL Immigration

Kris Kobach: Catch & Release Can
Be Instantly Ended Without Congress

‘Breaking Point:’ Migrant Family
Apprehension Up 374 Percent, Say Feds

104 Caravans of 100+ Migrants Hit SW Border
In 1st Half Of FY19; Only 13 In All Of FY18

Illegal Immigration Levels Projected To Outpace
Every Year Of Bush, Return U.S. To Clinton Era Crisis

Democrat-Activist Media

Todd Furious AG Barr to Investigate Alleged Spying On
Trump Campaign”
Alleged Spying On Trump Campaign

Delusional & Clueless Debra Messing Calls Army Funding
Border Wall Construction ‘Disgusting & Irresponsible’

Facebook and Twitter Squirm, Struggle
To Answer Senator Cruz’s Questions

Matthews Leads Motley Crew Defending
Spying On Trump Campaign

 Todd Furious AG Barr to Investigate” Todd Furious AG Barr
To Investigate Alleged Spying On Trump Campaign”