Must Know Headlines


Spying On Trump Was Run Out Of Obama White House

Interior Enforcement Of Immigration Laws Helps American Workers

Aid To Central America Isn’t Making Things Better For Central Americans

5-Year-Old Child Fights For His Life After 24-Year-Old
Emmanuel Aranda Threw Him From Third Floor In Mall Of America

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Immigrants Break Border Gate,
Force Their Way Into Mexico

Illegal Arrested For Allegedly Murdering Man In Texas

Border Patrol Union President Says It’s ‘Absolutely
Legal’ To Drop ILLEGALS In Sanctuary Cities


Cory Booker Admits Releasing “Migrants”
In Sanctuary Cities Would ‘Make Us Less Safe’

Abortion Activist Cecile Richards Trashes Pro-Lifers:
They’re Just “A Loud Minority Of People”

‘Appalling!’ NY Dems Under Fire, Block Tuition
Aid For Gold Star Families, After Approving For Illegal Immigrants

Dan Crenshaw Scolds Omar & AOC For Their ‘Dishonest
Attack’: I’m The Guy Who Went Overseas’ After 9/11

Liar, Character Assassin, Bigot – Pete Buttigieg
Is A Natural Leader For The Democrats

Ilhan Omar Blames Trump Tweet
For Spike In Death Threats

Suck It Up, Cupcake: Ocasio-Cortez Was Triggered
By The NY Post’s Response To Ihan Omar’s 9/11 Remarks

Crown Heights-Based Public College Plans
To Give Al Sharpton Honorary Doctorate

Democrat-Activist Media

NY Times Fake News Factory Moves On to New Hoax:
Immigrants Are Fleeing Central America Cuz Of
Global Warming – Not US Open Borders

‘Madam Secretary:’ Republicans ‘Need To Evolve’

Jussie Smollett Is Partying It Up In Hawaii,
But He’s Not Exactly In The Clear Yet

“Big Brother Is Watching”: Facebook ‘Accidentally’
Includes Secret Orwellian Messages On VR Controllers

HBO’s ‘Veep:’ ‘Less Talk, More Abortion’

CBS The Good Fight Deletes ‘Assassinate President
Trump’ And ‘Eliminate Mar-A-Lago Tweet

WaPo Reporter: Omar Keeps ‘Falling Into
These Traps’ With ‘Slips Of The Tongue’