Must Know Headlines


U.S. Economy Grows 3.2% In Q1, Smashing Expectations

Undercover Katy Human-Trafficking
Sting Yields 47 Arrests In 10 Days

WikiLeaks Lawyer Says He Helped Pass
Info To ‘Innocent Victim’ Don Jr.

Trump Knows Who’s Behind The Coup Against Him

“Brain Dead” Woman In Coma For 30 Years
Wakes Up And Regains Consciousness

Macron Says Notre Dame Should Be Bebuilt In Line With Diversity;
Architect Suggests An Islamic Minaret Be Included


Five-Time Deported Illegal Alien Accused Of Beating Infant To Death

WATCH: Border Patrol Leads Hundreds Of Illegal
Aliens To Processing After They Cross Border

Judge ‘Helped Twice-Deported Illegal Immigrant Avoid ICE
Agents’ By Letting Him Slip Out Of The Court Through A Back Door


Texas Attorney General Arrests Edinburg Mayor
Richard Molina (D) And Wife On Voter Fraud Charges

Why Did Dems’ Top Donor PAC Pay Buzzfeed
$1.5 Million During 2016 Campaign?

Flashback–Biden Cozied Up To General
Motors CEO Mary Barra: ‘GM Is Alive

Biden Told Communist China He Fully
Understood Their One-Child Policy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: God’s Gift To
Conservatives And Comedians

Democrat-Activist Media

Collusion? Biden Fundraises At Home
Of Comcast Exec (NBC-MSNBC)

Jack Dorsey Called Ilhan Omar, Promised
To Crack Down On Hate Speech

WashPost Mostly Blames Trump For Killing
Comedy At The Correspondents Dinner

CBS Omits Dem Mayor Raided By
FBI/IRS, ABC Hides Party Affiliation

Biden Tells ‘The View’ Obama’s Presidency Had No
‘Whisper Of Scandal’ — Conservatives Can Think Of A Few

Kennedy Colluded With Moscow And CNN Doesn’t Care