Must Know Headlines


Help Ted Cruz Put Term Limits On Congress

Sean Hannity: Democrats Are Going To Be Hit So Hard
With Spying Scandal Their Newsrooms Will Be Shaking

NO WHITES ALLOWED: Southern Baptist Seminary
School To Hold ‘Minorities Only’ Job Fair

Bolton Warns Iran: Carrier Strike Group, Bombers On Way To Middle East


NM Governor Closes Checkpoints Because of Trump’s
“Charade Of Fear-Mongering” — Now Drug Cartels
Are Flooding The Border (VIDEO)

Devin ICE Launches Program Empowering
Local Police Officers To Act On Behalf Of ICE

ILLEGAL ALIEN Paid $130 To ‘Rent’
Boy To Cross Border As Family, Says DOJ


Dems Colluded With Ukraine Against Trump

76% of Democrats, 69% Of U.S. Adults Want Congress
To Probe Origins Of DOJ’s Russia Investigation

Not One Democrat Presidential Candidate
Defended Israel During Rocket Attacks

Ilhan Omar Wrongly Refers To Gaza As ‘Occupied’

Doug Jones to Fellow Dem On His ‘Kill Them
Now’ Abortion Comment: ‘I Know You’re Right’

Democrat Legislator Brian Sims Previously Tried To
Doxx Pro-Life Teens, Offered $100 to Identify Them

Democrat Legislator Bullies, Harasses Pro-Life
Woman Peacefully Praying Outside Abortion Clinic

Hillary May Have To Run Or Face Prison

The Clinton Stadium Tour Bombs Out

Democrat-Activist Media

Racist CNN Headline: How Black Will The Royal Baby Be?

Should Journalists Go To Jail For Spreading Russia Lies?