Must Know Headlines


Clapper Admits FBI Surveillance Was “Spying”

Comey: ‘The FBI Doesn’t Spy…Republicans
Need To Breathe Into A Paper Bag’

North Korean Defectors Respond To Anti-Trump
Rapper After He Harassed Them

Panic! At The DOJ? Obama’s Spy Czar Nukes Comey
And FBI Director Wray’s Assertion That
Trump Campaign Wasn’t Spied On

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Jewish Man Sucker Punched
In Racist Attack By Young Black Man In New York


ICE Nabs Illegal Immigrant Who Allegedly Drove Into
California Home, Killing 3 Sleeping Family Members

Feds Released 168,000 Illegal Immigrant
Family Members Into Communities

DHS Releases 7.4K Illegal Aliens Into U.S.
In Six Days; 1.2K Released Every Day


Joe Biden: U.S. Has ‘Obligation’ To Give
Healthcare To ‘Undocumented’ Immigrants

 Dem State Rep Harassed Pro-Life
“Old Lady” And Tries To Dox Pro-Life Girls

Mentally-Challenged Rep. Eric Swalwell
Still Maintains Trump Colluded With Russia

Sen. Cory Booker Says Aborting A Baby
With A Heartbeat As ‘Health Care’

California Dems Legalizing Soviet-Style
Reporting of Legal Gun-Owning Co-Workers

Cory Booker Wants To Throw Americans
In Jail If They Don’t Turn In Their Guns

Even the Saudis Condemn Hamas
More Readily Than The Democrats

Nancy Pelosi And Democrats Block Bill To Stop Infanticide
For 37th Time, Refuse Care For Babies Born Alive

Democrat-Activist Media

Soros Investment Helps Bail Out Flailing Vice Media

New York Times Recycles Old Trump Tax Story

New York Times Obtains Trump’s Tax Docs From 1985 To 1994

CNN Invents Dangerous Conspiracy Theory
About Trump Refusing To Leave Presidency

John Leguizamo: ‘Trump Is Destroying Our Country To Satisfy Putin’