Must Know Headlines


Jihadist Responsible For Mall Of America Stabbing
Spree Entered U.S. With Foreign Relatives

Deep State Mobile: Google Helps Lead the Charge For
Socialized 5G That Would Eliminate Internet Privacy

Kaepernick’s New Kick: Cash For Cop-Killer Fans

Justin Trudeau Interrupts A Woman To Tell Her To Use ‘Peoplekind’
Instead Of ‘Mankind’ Because ‘It’s More Inclusive

ILLEGAL Immigration

Police: Colts Player Killed By Illegal Alien
‘Intoxicated and Driving Without License’

ICE Union Disapproves Of White House
Immigration Framework Proposal

CEO Of Border Wall Construction Company:
‘I Really Believe We’ll Change History’

The Cost Of Illegal Immigration

Smuggling, Other Crimes By Dreamers
Complicate Immigration Debate


Democrat Texas Judge Took Bribes
From Bench, Feds Say

Cecile Richards Was A Political Activist With No
Medical Training. Will Her Replacement Be The Same?

Former Peace Corps Official Steered Contracts To John Kerry’s
Daughter, Slapped With Lobbying Charge

Hillary STILL Blaming Misogyny, Sexism For Election Loss

House Democrat Continues To Praise
Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

The 2018 Elections Just Got A Bit Easier For
Democrats Thanks To The Supreme Court 

Democrats And The Media Love Cops Now

Democrat-Activist Media

Coverage Of Nunes Memo Proves Mainstream
Media Only Serves The Democrats

How The New York Times Spins The
Memo To Divide America

MSNBC Elitist Katy Tur Mocks Working
Americans For Valuing $1,000

Trump Writes Little Girl a Letter And
Gets Crap For It From The Press

CBS/NBC Ignore Drunk-Driving Illegal
Immigrant Killing Colts Linebacker

WashPost Explores: How Can Comedy
Be Used To Make Everyone Liberal?