Must Know Headlines


Of All Federal Crimes Committed By Non-Citizens In 2018

Raid Of Illegal Alien’s Home Reveals
Classic Cars And Weapons

Attorney General William Barr Appoints US
Attorney To Look Into Origins Of FBI Probe

Mueller Report Proves That It’s Time
To Investigate the Investigators

In Our Own Backyard: FBI Uncovers Radical
Islamic Training Compound In Alabama


Report: Obama White House Orchestrated Clinton Email Cover Up

Seriously? Dems Are Spinning Tlaib’s
Comments…And Blaming The GOP?

Kirsten Gillibrand Wants To Ban
Firearm Devices That Are Already Illegal

Liar Ocasio-Cortez Now Claims She Was  Kidding
About World Ending  In 12 Years …Too Bad There’s Video

Fearmonger Ocasio-Cortez: I Was Joking About The
World Ending In 12 Years, And You’re An Idiot If You Believed Me

DOJ Needs To Investigate John Kerry Over The Iran Nuclear Deal

One Anti-Semite Defends Another, Ilhan Omar Defends Rashida Tlaib

Pelosi Owns The Comments Of Rashida Tlaib And Ilhan Omar

Democrat-Activist Media

Trump Boils Frogs? ‘Reliable Sources’ Panel
Thinks People Are Too Dumb To Stop Trump

Donald Trump Shocked By Media Double Standard
Over Rashida Tlaib’s Holocaust Comments

BARF: Rosanna Arquette Rages, Says Keep
Your “Filthy Evil Hand Off Our Vaginas ”

7 Reasons Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike Makes No Sense

VIDEO: CNN Asks ‘Will Trump Call
For Violence On Fourth Of July?’

Joy Behar: GOP Heartbeat Law Trying To Set
Women Back 75 Years — ‘Barefoot And Pregnant!’