Must Know Headlines


Somali Teens Attack People With
Hammers In Minnesota-MSM Silent

Serial Killer: Illegal Alien Charged With Killing
12 Elderly Women, Possibly HUNDREDS

Truth About Racist Trump Supporters:
The Establishment Doesn’t Want Anyone To See This Video

Justin Amash’s Business Interests In China
Underscore His Push To Impeach Trump

Journalists Charged With 15 Felonies For Undercover
Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Take Hit In Court

Why Pete Buttigieg And Others Shouldn’t
Minimize The 1.3% Of Late-Term Abortions

Republican Fred Keller Wins Pennsylvania Special Election


 Pelosi Calls For Special Caucus Meeting At
9AM Wednesday On Trump Impeachment (Video)

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Was ‘Stuffing His Pockets
With Foreign Money’ While Dad Was Vice President

2020 Democrats Are Publicly Disavowing Corporate
Money, Yet Quietly Fundraising Around Wall Street

Nancy Pelosi & Democrats Block Bill To Stop Infanticide
For 47th Time, Refuse Care For Babies Born Alive

Men Paid More Than Women In Kamala
Harris’s Senate Office And Campaign

Wife of Top Trump Investigator Elijah Cummings
May Be Involved In Financial Scam

Crack Pipe, IDs, And Badge Found In Hunter Biden Rental Car

Democrat-Activist Media

So, Can You Guess Why There’s Media Silence
Over This Gang Assault In Minnesota?

The Protest The Media Didn’t Report: Hundreds
 Gather To Protest Ilhan Omar In NYC

Trump Defends Free Speech, Liberal Media Condemn Him

Hollywood Demands McDonald’s ‘End Agony For
Billions Of Animals’: ‘We Believe In Standing Up
For Those Who Can’t Stand Up for Themselves’

NPR Reminds Journalists How To Report On
Abortion In An Anti-Pro-Life Way

Fran Lebowitz: Trump ‘Deserves’ To Be Butchered Like Khashoggi