Must Know Headlines


“We Build The Wall” Completes First Half Mile Of
US Border Wall In 4 Days From Private Donations

Lindsey Graham Chimes In On Declassifying Russia Probe
Document And Dems Won’t Like What He Has To Say

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Signs Bill Banning
Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts

An Anti-Semitism Crisis’: NYPD Records Staggering 83% Rise In Hate Crimes


Mexican National Who They Can’t Determine If Is In Country Legally Or NOT,
Spent 40 Minutes Torturing, Murdering Grandmother As She Begged For Her Life

Deported 2x Illegal Immigrant Arrested For
Attempted Child Abduction In Sanctuary State


Federal Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Border Wall Donated $20K To Obama

Obama-Appointed Judges Block Border Wall
Funds And ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Law

Kellyanne Conway: Nancy Pelosi Treats Me Like The Maid

Lindsey Graham: Not One Democrat Cares If
FISA Court Was Defrauded By FBI And DOJ

Radical Rep. Rashida Tlaib: Democrats
“Moving Toward” Impeachment (VIDEO)

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: ‘Our Lives
Depend On’ Protecting Abortion Rights

Rep. Omar Spent Much Of Memorial Day
Weekend With Terrorist-Affiliated CAIR

Ocasio-Cortez Stepped On A Rake Trying To Slam A
Reporter For Tweeting About Warren’s Legal Career

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama’s Spying On Press Far More Extensive Than Previously Thought

A TIME Columnist Fabricated a Trump Quote. A Bunch
Of Idiot Media People Shared It. Here’s the Full List.

D.C. ‘Reporters’ Were Wrong (Again) About The ‘We Build The Wall’ Project

Taxpayer-Funded NPR Talk Show Devotes Hour to Pro-Abortion Viewpoint

Hilarious! Reporter Warns Intel Could Be Used For A Trump Narrative

Washed-Up Actress Alyssa Milano GOES OFF – Calls Hollywood Legend
& Oscar Winner Jon Voight An “F-Lister” After His Pro-Trump Video