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Why Obstruction And Cover-Up Charges Smack Of Desperation

World’s Smallest Newborn Who Weighed Same As An APPLE At Just 8.6 oz
Survives After Parents Are Told She’d Only Live For An Hour

Palestinian-Arab Media Teaches Kids How To Shoot Jews

WATCH — Former Amash Supporter: ‘You Have
No Future In This District’ As A Republican

Mueller (R)

Mueller Sets A New Standard For Innocence:
Prove You Did Not Commit A Crime

Mueller Slipped Up: His Wednesday Statement Exposed
The Lies He Told Attorney General Bill Barr In March

Mueller Wants To Nail Trump, But He Doesn’t Have The Evidence!

DOJ, Mueller’s Office Release Joint Statement Clarifying Mueller’s Comments

Mueller Indicates He Doesn’t Want To Testify Before Congress


Democrats Obstruction & Cover-Up Charges Smack Of Desperation

Gov. Who Pulled Nat. Guard Troops From Border
To Spite Trump, Now Begs For Help

Nancy Pelosi Calls Herself A “Devout Catholic” Even
Though She Supports Abortions Up To Birth

Top Dems Help L.A. Teachers Union Push Annual
$500 Million Property Tax ‘To Make Demands On’

Racist Tweet, Ilhan Omar Suggests Latinos Can’t
Qualify For Merit-Based Immigration

Bernie Sanders Campaigned For Marxist Party In Reagan Era

Abortion Zealot Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Pregnant
Woman With Baby In Womb Is No ‘Mother’

Sen. Harris Indicates She’d Pursue Legal Action
Against Trump When He Leaves Office

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Edits Out Trebek Crediting Prayers
With Helping His Cancer Battle

CNN Chris Cuomo Mocks Rape Survivor
Who Protects Her Kids With Firearm

Disney CEO Bob Iger Throws In: ‘Very Difficult’ To
Do Business In Georgia If Abortion Law Stands

CNN Anchor Refers To Unborn Babies As ‘Children,’
Then Quickly Corrects Herself In Incredibly Ableist Interview

Lemon Tries To Shame Voters Thinking Of
Voting For Trump Because Of Good Economy

Hollywood Demands Congress Impeach Trump
After Mueller Speaks: ‘It’s Your F**king Job’