Must Know Headlines


Mark Levin: Mueller Is A Complete Fraud And Pelosi Is Out Of Her Mind

WATCH: Rand Paul Smashes Robert Mueller Over
Trump Investigation, Amash On Impeachment Talk

Union: LA Officer Gets Typhoid Fever, 5 Others Show Symptoms

Bubonic Plague ‘Likely’ Already Present In Los Angeles, Dr. Drew Says

President Trump

Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride Month,
Urges World To Decriminalize Homosexuality

Trump Shakes Hands With and Salutes Every Air Force Cadet

ILLEGAL Immigration

INSANE: Cartel Gunmen Reportedly Brandish Rifles,
Intimidate Border Wall Construction Crew

Human Smugglers Throw Two Disabled Migrants Into Border River, Say Feds

Arrogant Mexican President Attacks Trump: “America First” Is “A Fallacy”
And US Is Country Where Immigrants Face “Mistreatment, Abuse, Persecution”

Border Patrol Agent: We Need Babysitter For “Migrant” Children


Trump Approval Rises As Dems Demand Impeachment

Kamala Harris Launched Political Career With
$120K ‘Patronage’ Job From Boyfriend Willie Brown

SHOCKING VIDEO: NYU’s Unhinged Commencement
Speaker Goes Off On Jew-Hating Rant

‘Does She Think She’s Above The Law?’ Expert Weighs In On Elijah
Cummings’ Wife’s Refusal To Turn Over Records On Her Nonprofit

Democrat-Activist Media

Time Columnist Ian Bremmer Invents Trump Quote,
Liberal Pals Spread The Fake News

Netflix Plans On Continuing Operations In The
Middle East, A Region Where Abortion Is Virtually Illegal

Disney Threatens To Boycott Georgia But Partners
With China, Which Forces Women To Have Abortions

Radio Host Tells Elizabeth Warren She’s Like Rachel Dolezal

David Letterman: Trump Used To Be A ‘Goofball’ Now He Is A ‘Goon’

Chris Cuomo Says Trump Base Is ‘Mostly Middle-Aged Angry White Males’

Fox News At It Again. Give Donna Brazile Air Time To Bash Trump With Mueller