Must Know Headlines


New Border Apprehension Numbers Are In & They’re Out of Control

Number Of Homeless People Jumps 12% Across L.A. County To Nearly 59,000

Police: (White) Driver Intentionally Ran Over Girl In Utah ‘Because She Was White’

Students From China Tried To Pay For Tuition With Stolen Credit Cards

Paul: Deep State Defend Trump’s Order To Revoke Brennan Security Clearance 

 Jussie Smollett 911 Call Released  — Includes Disgusting Noose Lie

LAPD Coping With Typhoid Bacteria Infection At Central Station


Elijah Cummings’s Wife Used Her Charity To Pay
Her For-Profit Company, Documents Show

WATCH: Democrats Don’t Know Why They Want Trump Impeached

Taxpayers In New York Funding Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
And Other Sexual Treatments For Sex Offenders

Democrat Socialist AOC Says Everyone Has A
Right To A Luxury Apartment — Like Hers…

Veterans In The Bronx Say Ocasio-Cortez Is Neglecting Local
Issues, ‘She Cares More About Beating Up On Trump’

Yes, Democrats Have Removed ‘So Help Me
God’ From House Committee Oaths

Booker: Congress Has A ‘Moral Obligation’
To Begin Impeachment Of Trump

Nancy Pelosi Says She Wants To See President Trump ‘In Prison’

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Claims He’s A Deep
State Victim, Urges Trump To Commute His Prison Sentence

Democrat-Activist Media

Great Week For Trump, Bad Week For Drive-By Media

Furious Celebs Want President Trump Impeached,
Assaulted And Tortured To Death

YouTube Demonetizes Crowder Over Vox Columnis
Feeling Insulted. Free Speech Advocates Are Furious.

This Explains A Lot… Far Left Wikipedia Founder And Trump-Basher
Refers To ALL Trump Supporters As ‘Cultists’ As President Lands In London

Bette Midler Deletes Tweet Suggesting Trump Should Be Stabbed

Twitter Takes No Action On Verified Account
Joking About Killing 7-Year-Old Trump Fan

Bill Nye The Science Guy Compares The Need To Fight Climate Change To D-Day