Must Know Headlines


JULIAN ASSANGE: “I Investigated Both Presidential Candidates
— Hillary Was The Only One With Corrupt Ties To Russia.”

Colorado Springs Deputy Killed Three Others Injured In Monday
Night Shooting – Little Is Known About Killer Manuel Zetina

More Than 500K In U.S. Risk Female
Genital Mutilation, Say Feds

Google Patents Reveal Plan For Total Big Brother
Home Surveillance 
Tech Giants Want To Raise Your Kids

50,000 GM Factory Workers To Get
$11,750 Profit-Sharing Checks


The Democratic Party Has Reached An UNREAL
Level Of Support For Illegal Immigration

The Clinton Dossier:  Exposing The Collusion
Between The DOJ And The Clintons

Tucker: Dems On The House Intel Committee Are Out of Control


Illegal Alien Stabs Man After Being Asked
To Stop Urinating In Public

DHS Secretary: About 70 Terrorists Try To Enter The
US Daily – ‘That’s 500 A Week, 2,000 A Year’

New FAIR Study: Resettling Refugees Costs
U.S. $1.8 Billion Annually

Florida Moves To Stop Insurance Companies
From Reporting Illegal Immigrants

Donald Trump: ‘Let’s Have A Shutdown’ If Congress
Can’t Close Immigration Loopholes

Democrat-Activist Media

Chris Matthews Says Republicans Are ‘Picking On’
Nancy Pelosi Because She’s ‘Ethnic’

Memo To Dan Rather: Shut Up About Memos:
Old Liberal Media Liars Never Fade Away

Nets Spend 2x More Airtime On
Dow Drop Than Market Rebound

‘Media Ignoring Obama’s Role’ In
Trump Dossier Scandal

How The New York Times Spins The
Memo To Divide America

 CNN/MSNBC Cover Ryan’s $1.50 Tweet 74x
More Than Pelosi’s ‘Crumbs’