Must Know Headlines


Elderly Man Who Shot Two Burglars In His
Home Charged With Felony Over Inherited Gun

Two Former GOP State Senators Found SHOT Dead Days Apart

Mueller Exploited Cell Phone GPS To Track Trump Associates

Carter Page: FBI Informant ‘Intensified’ Outreach
Before Spy Warrant Application


Illegal Alien Arrested On Money Laundering And Drug
Charges Also Had Warrant For Child Sex Abuse In Mexico

Senate Democrats: Americans ‘Have Obligation’
To Give Amnesty To Foreigners

TSA Allows Illegals Fly Without Proper ID And
Escort Illegals Around Security Checkpoints

ISIS Plotted To Send Terrorists Through US-Mexico Border

Sen. Ron Mexican Authorities Begin Arresting Illegals
Riding “The Beast” Train To US — Hundreds Seen Scampering

Traffickers Reap Up To $2.3B In Illegal Immigration,
Offer ‘All-Inclusive’ Packages


Billionaire Kochs To Financially Back
Democrats Pushing Amnesty, Free Trade

GOP Challenger Claims AOC ‘Literally Ran’
Away From Him At Parade

 House Democrats Think They Deserve A Pay Raise

Kamala Harris Abandoned Church Abuse
Victims While San Francisco’s DA, Report Finds

Disturbing Video Surfaces Of Childrens’
Drag Show, With Touchy-Feely Adults

Bernie Claims He’s Fought Against Authoritarianism
Like The Soviet Union. His Record Suggests Otherwise.

STILL DIDN’T WORK! Far-Left Group Deliberately Edits
Video To Make Ocasio-Cortez Appear Smarter [WATCH]

Abortion Activist Busy Philipps Can’t Answer If
Woman Who Survived Abortion Has A Right To Life

Democrat-Activist Media

New York Times Runs Elaborate Page-One
Smear of YouTube Conservatives

CNN’s Acosta ‘Regrets’ Media Did Not Stand
In Solidarity More Against Trump

CNN Wildly Speculates About Trump
Being Indicted By New Prez In 2021

CNN Panel Laughs At Biden’s Contention He Marched For Civil Rights