Must Know Headlines


Trump: ICE To Begin Removing ‘Millions
Of Illegal Aliens’ Next Week

FBI, DHS Contacted Over Stealth Dem Effort To Gain Voter Data

How To Rig Polls Through Oversampling

Over 300,000 Flee Violence In Congo Amid Massive Ebola Outbreak

High School Girls File Federal Discrimination Complaint
After Transgender Sprinters Win 1st And 2nd Place At
Connecticut Girls Indoor Championships

Steele’s Shoddy Dossier


ICE Releases List Of Murderers & Rapists
Protected Under Sanctuary City Policies

Acting ICE Director Calls Ocasio-Cortez’s Concentration
Camp Comments ‘Reckless,’ AOC Doubles Down

Let’s Compare The Images Of Dachau
Concentration Camp To ILLEGAL Aliens Being Detained

Watch – Angel Dad: How Many Need To
Die Before AOC Stops Concentration Camp Rhetoric?

New York Doubles Down On Incentivizing Illegal Immigration


Democrats Unanimous As House Passes Bill
Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete In Girls’ Sports

Biden: ‘First Thing I’ll Do As President Is
Eliminate The President’s Tax Cut’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest Tweet Is SO IGNORANT
And OFFENSIVE Even The Auschwitz Memorial Corrects Her

Ocasio-Cortez Caught Lying While Defending
Her ‘Concentration Camp’ Comments

Influential Democrat Lobbyist Caught In Qatar Influence-Buying Scandal

Nancy Pelosi: Pro-Lifers Hate People Because
“They Don’t Want Clean Air, Clean Water and Food Safety”

Julián Castro: ‘Our Border Is As Secure As It Ever Has Been’

House Republicans Blast Democrats For
Refusing To Work With Them To Fix Border Crisis

Democrat-Activist Media

Social Media Is Becoming ‘Orwellian’ ‘Big Brother’

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Won An MTV Movie Award

CNN Cuts Away From Trump Rally After
Crowd Breaks Out In ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

CNN Suggests Trump Cabinet Member
Is Corrupt Despite ‘No Evidence’


This Juneteenth Read, ‘The Real History Of Slavery’