Must Know Headlines


Trump Complains Aides He Hired Are Trying To Push Him
Into War With Iran, Says Report: ‘It’s So Disgusting’

FBI Risks Public Safety By Losing Track Of Foreign
Criminal Informants It Brings Into U.S.

FBI Was Giving Different Intelligence Briefings On
Candidate Trump Than To Candidate Clinton (VIDEO)

New Report Indicates Case Against Paul
Manafort Is Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

Reports: The ICE Raids On Illegals Were Postponed..
.Because The Acting DHS Secretary Leaked Them


Human Trafficking In America Among Worst In World: Report

Two Infants, One Toddler, And A Woman Found Dead In Texas On Border

Deported Illegal Alien Arrested For Allegedly Raping Tennessee Woman

‘Probably Won’t Happen’: Trump Gives Democrats Another
Chance To Fix Immigration And Asylum Laws


Border Patrol Official Invites Omar, AOC To US-Mexico Border

Polish Parliament Member Invites AOC To
Visit Real Concentration Camps

New Documents Released Regarding Rep. Ilhan
Omar’s Possible Bigamy and Incest

Elizabeth Warren Wants Reparations For Same-Sex Couples

WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Asked If Planned Parenthood Abortion
Clinics Are Like Concentration Camps For The Unborn

Democrat-Activist Media

Ten Questions NBC’s Debate Moderators
Should Ask The Dem Candidates

WashPost Spins ISIS-Inspired Beheadings Of
Two Women As ‘Weapon For The Far Right’

Teen Sex Drama Showcases 16 Penises, Daily Beast Says ‘Meh’

The New York Times, CNN And Deliberate Omission In Journalism

CNN Anchor To E. Jean Carroll: ‘Could There
Be Any DNA’ From Trump On Dress?