Must Know Headlines


A Muslim Syrian Refugee Plotted A Black Church Massacre:
One Of Obama’s 10,000 Syrian Refugees Tried
To Bomb A Black Church In Pittsburgh

U.S. School Lets Muslims Interrupt Classes To ‘Convert’ Students

WATCH Police Footage of Jussie With Fake Noose
Around His Neck. BAD For Kamala and Obamas

Mexico Sends 15,000 Troops To Border To Detain Migrants

Dead Cop T-Shirts Are Being Sold Online — Mocking The
Execution Of St. Louis Police Officer Mike Langsdorf

Second US Service Member Found Dead
Along Mexican Border With Arizona


Convicted Rapist Ignored Deportation Order,
Re-Attacked Victim After Release From Jail

Tom Cotton: If U.S. Can’t Deport Illegal Aliens Who
Have Been Ordered Deported, Who Can We Deport?


Pelosi On Immigrants: ‘Violation Of Status
Is Not A Reason For Deportation’

Busted? New Docs Keep Ilhan Omar Tethered
To Immigration Fraud Allegations

Joe Biden Compliments the Courage Of
Woman Who Told Him She Had 3 Abortions

Elizabeth Warren Threatens Pro-Lifers: “You’re Not
Going To Lock Women Back In The Kitchen”

Joe Biden Compares Trump’s Election To The
Assassinations Of MLK, Bobby Kennedy

Democrat-Activist Media

Watch: Anderson Cooper Abruptly Goes To Commercial After Trump
Accuser E. Jean Carroll Says ‘People Think Of Rape As Being Sexy’

Google Censors Video Exposing Google

WashPost Spins ISIS-Inspired Beheadings Of
Two Women As ‘Weapon For The Far Right’

MSNBC: Trump Promise To Deport ILLEGAL Aliens Is “Terroristic”

YouTube Censors Project Veritas Video Exposing
Google’s Electoral Manipulation And Thought Control

Houston Chronicle Attempts To Link Latinos
For Trump To ‘White Supremacy’