Must Know Headlines


This Minnesota Town Just Scrapped The Pledge Of Allegiance.
Want To Guess Who Represents Them In Congress?

Report: Alex Acosta Said He Was Told Jeffrey
Epstein ‘Belonged To Intelligence’ And To Leave It Alone

FNC’s Carlson: Nothing Ilhan Omar & Her Friends
Say on Race Is ‘Sincere’ — ‘All A Hustle Designed
To Get Them What They Want’

Limbaugh: Rapinoe ‘Wants Q Kaepernick
Deal with Nike’ — ‘The LGBTQ Angle

Liberals Boycott Home Depot Even Though Company
Doesn’t Endorse Trump, 90 Year-Old Co-Founder Retired In 2002


Fake News Covers For Migrant Crime Spree In Georgia,
As Guatemalan Illegals Are Charged
With Raping, Imprisoning Children

Dem. Pres. Candidate Cory Booker (D) Personally
Smuggles Five Illegal Aliens Across U.S. Border

CA Governor (D) Signs Bill Extending
Health Care To Illegal Immigrants

Gulf Cartel’s Head Of Migrant Smuggling Was In
U.S. Custody, But Released After 15 Days

ICE Raids Targeting Illegal Immigrants To Start Sunday: Report


Border Agent: Democrats Are Attacking Us For Political Gain

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Block Bill To Stop
Infanticide For 69th Time, Refuse Care For Babies Born Alive

Obama Tweets Selfie Wearing U.S. Women’s
Soccer Team Jersey, Calls Them ‘America’s Best Team’

Beto: “This Country Was Founded On White Supremacy”

Clinton-Era State Department Official Breaks
Down in Tears As She’s Sentenced To 40 Months
In Prison For Conspiring With Chinese Agents

US Lawmaker Calls For Puerto Rico
Governor To Resign Amid FBI Arrests 

AOC Calls Nancy Pelosi ‘Outright Disrespectful’
For Singling Out Women Of  Color

Democrat-Activist Media

CBS News Mourns For Resignation
Of Anti-Trump U.K. Ambassador

WHITE WASH: Wikipedia Editors Scrambled
To Erase Jeffrey Epstein’s Connection To Bill Clinton

CBS Skips Victory for Trump In Hotel Lawsuit,
ABC/NBC Give 40 Seconds

MSNBC Panel Gushes With Praise For
Anti-Trump Soccer Player Megan Rapinoe

Global Warming Alarmist Barbra Streisand
Flew Her Dogs 10,000 Miles To Watch Her Sing