Must Know Headlines


Trump Administration Considering Cutting
Number Of Refugees Accepted Into US To Zero: Report

3,100 To Be Released From Prison
Under Criminal Justice Reform Law

Republicans Introduce Bill To Label Antifa
Domestic Terrorists After Attack On ICE Facility

Couple Arrested For Allegedly Strangling
Newborn Child To Death

President Trump Awards International Religious
Freedom Award to Muslim Imam

ILLEGAL Immigration

At Least 14 Illegal Aliens Amongst 22 MS-13 Gang
Members Charged With Murderous Machete Attacks

Mass Fraud by African Refugees Halted
Inflow After Ilhan Omar Came To U.S.

Here’s A Look At What Life On The US-Mexico
Border Is Like As A Recon

Illegal Immigrants Coming To US For Surgery: McAleenan

GRAPHIC: Bodies of 3 Dead Migrants
Found In 5 Days In Single Texas County


Sen. Jon Tester On How To Handle
Trump: ‘Punch Him In The Face’

Every Democrat Running For President Supports
Abortions Up to Birth And Infanticide

Squad Leader Rashida Tlaib Is A Violent
Lunatic With Unchecked Anger Issues

Ilhan Omar’s Father Was Top Propaganda Official
In Genocidal Barre Regime — Then He Changed
His Name And Entered US Illegally

Ilhan Omar Refuses To Comment On
Terrorist Recruitment In Her District

FLASHBACK: Democrat Jerry Nadler Used Government
Resources to Try and Deport American Citizen Sebastian Gorka

Resurfaced Video Shows Rashida Tlaib Exploding
At Trump Speech. Here’s How Trump Responded.

VIDEO: Ilhan Omar Referred to Somalia As
‘Our Nation Back Home’ In 2015 Speech

Rep. Cummings On The ‘Squad’: ‘These Are Some Of
The Most Brilliant Young People That I Have Met’

AOC Compares 911 Victims To ILLEGAL
ALIENS In Detention Centers

Democrat-Activist Media

Trump Releases 3,000 People From Prison,
Many Of Them Black. Where’s The Press?

CNN Asks For Help With Biased Immigration
Story, Gets Destroyed On Facebook

MSNBC Guests Claim MAGA, Trump Are a ‘Nazi Symbol’

The ‘Squad’ Won’t Condemn Antifa Terrorism
….WHERE Are The Media?

Wait…Facebook Is Forming A ‘Supreme Court’
That Will Weigh In On Content Moderation

Fact Check: MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Claims
‘Squad’ Members Are Not Socialists