Must Know Headlines


James Foley ISIS Beheaders Captured In Syria

Report: FBI Informant Tells Congress Moscow
Routed Millions To Influence The Clintons

Audio: Russian Comedians Prank Called Rep. Adam
Schiff, Promised Him Naked Photos Of Trump

GM Gives 50,000 Workers $11,750 “Crumbs” Due To Tax Cut

Arizona Father Beats His Daughter, 15, And His Wife To Death,
Hides Their Bodies In The Bathtub And Then Attacks His
Son, 17, Yelling ‘Just Let Me Do What I Need To Do’

WATCH: Tucker Has JAW-DROPPING Interview
With ‘Feminist’ Supporter Of Hijab

Rand Paul Asks, Does a $20 Trillion Debt Make Us A Stronger Country?


DNC Lawmakers Hurl Threats At Rand Paul During Filibuster:
“Someone Needs To Fly his Neighbor Up Here”

The Tolerant Left: Bette Midler And Other Leftists Wonder
Where Rand Paul’s Neighbor Is When You Need Him

George Soros Quietly Poured $100K Into Local
DA Race Without Anybody Knowing

Former Obama Campaign Manager: ‘
All Public Pollsters Should Be Shot’

Democrats Paid for a Dud Dossier, But It Worked as Designed

Remember The Obama/Clinton Russian Reset? What Happened?

Planned Parenthood’s Taxpayer Funding Safe Under Spending Deal:
Taxpayers Sent $543.7 Million To Planned Parenthood Last Year

ILLEGAL Immigration

Two More Needless Sanctuary-Policy Deaths

Border Patrol Agents Bust Fugitive
Child Molester, Drug Smugglers

L.A. Mayor ‘Not Scared At All’ Of Being
Arrested For Sanctuary City Status

Democrat-Activist Media

Fake News Flashback: CNN Declared Trump ‘Bonkers’
For Saying Clinton, Dems Behind Dossier

Behar Spits Fire At McCain: ‘As a Dem,
I’m Offended by Republicans!’

Gagworthy: GMA Gushes Over ‘Lifelong Crusader’
For Women Gloria Allred

The Media’s Most Outrageous Olympic Outbursts


NY Federal Reserve President: Market Drop Is ‘Small Potatoes’