Must Know Headlines


FBI: More People Killed By Hammers, Clubs Than With Rifles Of Any Kind

Anti-Sex Trafficking Leader Praises ICE, Trump:
‘No Question’ He’s Done More Than Previous Presidents

Former Miss Iraq: Ilhan Omar Trying To Push Sharia Law On U.S.

ICU Nurse At Miami Valley Hospital Who Helped Save Lives After Dayton
Shooting Getting Death Threats For Posing For Picture With Trump

Gun-Rights Activists: Trump Could Lose Our Vote


Here It Is… Complete List Of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died
Mysteriously Or Committed Suicide Before Testimony, Including Jeffrey Epstein

Pathologist Connected To JFK Investigation To Conduct Autopsy On Epstein

Prison Warden and Psychologist Signed Off to Confirm Epstein
Not Suicidal – Then the MCC Prison Guards Skipped Required Checks

New York Medical Examiner Completes Autopsy On
Jeffrey Epstein’s Body, No Cause Of Death Yet

Mass Shooters

Dayton Shooter Connor Betts May Be Antifa’s First Mass Killer

Has Anyone Actually Read The El Paso Manifesto?

The Fake News Media Thinks Mass Murderers Are Perfectly Sane People


Illegal Alien Accused Of Killing Mollie Tibbetts
Claims ‘Constitutional Rights’ Violated

U.S. Border Patrol Patrol Came Under Heavy
Fire From Mexico Side Of The Rio Grande

CBP Chief Mark Morgan Defends Record-Breaking
Illegal Immigration Operation

Massive ICE Raid In Mississippi Busted
Up Child Labor Ring Of Illegal Immigrants

Trump: Mississippi ICE Raids Serve As
A ‘Good Deterrent’ To Illegal Immigration

Federal Judge Rules Trump Administration Can’t Punish For Sanctuary Status


Baltimore Is A Model For Democrats’ Schizophrenia On Immigration

Oh, So What Do Democrats Want From Brett Kavanaugh Now?

Kamala: ICE Raids A ‘Campaign Of Terror’

Misleading Claim From Dem Candidate Andrew Yang:
‘There Have Been 255 Mass Shootings In 2019’

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Bias/Fact Check: Just Another Bogus Leftist Media WatchDog

NY Times Fantasizes About El Paso Murders Reviving Beto’s Campaign

CNN Fails To  Note Crime Jumped After Colorado Gun Control

STUDY: Nets Promote Liberal Gun Control Policies
Over Gun Rights 17 To 1 In El Paso/Dayton Coverage

 Univision Anchor: Fox News Rhetoric ‘Transcending’ Into ‘Bullets’