Must Know Headlines


MANHUNT: DACA Recipient Wanted For Murder In Texas

Fox News Caves To Leftist Pressure, Pulls Their Own
Editor’s Op-Ed Decrying Identity Politics At Olympics

In Budget Deal, GOP And Trump Fully Fund Planned Parenthood

Trump Declines To Declassify Democratic Memo,
Citing DOJ And FBI Objections

San Francisco Unveils ‘Safe Spaces’ For Injecting Heroin

Former State Dept. Official: I Fed Oppo Research From
Sidney Blumenthal To Christopher Steele

Northeastern Professor On Trump:
‘I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Him Dead’


Former Secret Service Agent: Democrats Are “Covering Up
The Biggest Scandal In Modern Political History” (VIDEO)

Uranium One Informant Says Moscow Paid
Millions In Bid To Influence Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Fingerprints Are All Over The FBI’s
Investigation Into Trump’s Russia Ties

REVEALED: Three Democrats Attended Private
Dinner With Iran’s President And Farrakhan

#MeToo Fashion Show Features Pig-Faced Men
Handcuffed To Models with Angel Wings

Democrat-Activist Media

Zombie Subsidy! Hollywood Corporate
Welfare Rises From The Grave

Establishment Media Parroted Democrat
Talking Points About The Nunes Memo

CNN Fawns Over Sister of North Korea’s Dictator At Olympics

How The Media Buried Two Huge FBI Stories

The Sad Transformation Of Jimmy Kimmel Is Complete

Univision Anchor: Trump Wants To Keep America White

Fake News Flashback: CNN Declared Trump ‘Bonkers’
For Saying Clinton, Dems Behind Dossier