Must Know Headlines


Scott Presler & Volunteers Remove 2 Dumpsters & 2
Truckloads Worth Of Trash – Elijah Cummings Silent

Planned Parenthood Partner Admits Selling
Intact Heads And Brains From Aborted Babies

Don’t Waver, Deplorables! Washington Will Never Accept Trump

NRA Sues San Francisco For Labeling It
A ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’

SECOND SUSPICIOUS VAN Filled With Hundreds Of Gallons
Of Gasoline Found In Baltimore County Ahead Of GOP Retreat

Real US Debt Levels Could Be 2,000%  Of
Economy, A Wall Street Report Suggests


Florida Woman Angry That Illegal Immigrant Was
Deported Instead Of Tried On Rape Charge: Report

500 Illegal Aliens Released In North Carolina After
Ignoring ICE, Many Are Rapists And Murderers

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Previously Deported Convicted Molester

DHS Releasing More than 200 Illegal Aliens Into The U.S. Every Day

ICE Officials Release Names Of 6 MS-13 Members Accused Of Murder


Mass. Mayor Arrested On New Extortion Charges

Bernie Sanders Attends ISNA Convention
With Islamists Who Backed Killing Gay People

Dem Candidate Andrew Yang Crowdsurfs At Town Hall

Kamala Harris Laughed When Someone Called Trump
‘Retarded,’ Said ‘Well Said’  TWICE Then Lied About It

Valerie Plame Drives A Fast Car, So New
Mexico Should Elect Her To Congress

Democrat-Activist Media

News Network Sues MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow For $10 Million:
‘False And Malicious Libel, And They’re Going To Answer For It’

BUSTED: CNN, WashPost Peddled Deceitful
Hate Crime Stat Smearing Trump

Behar Scolds Republican: Trump’s Economy
‘Not Good’ If It’s At ‘Expense Of Environment!’

Nets Bury Kamala Harris Laughing At
‘Retard’ Insult Against Trump