Must Know Headlines


Power Of A Trump Rally: President Helps Two
GOP Candidates In North Carolina Win Special Elections

Friends Told A Black Trump Supporter Not To
Wear A MAGA Hat, So He Bought The Biggest One There Is

The Latest College Lunacy: Correct English Grammar Is ‘Racist’


Have You Forgotten 9/11/01 The Day That Changed The World?

MI Church Cancels 9/11 Event Under Pressure From CAIR


North Carolina Jails Free Hundreds Of ILLEGAL
ALIEN Criminals Wanted By Feds

Illegal Alien Charged With 16 Counts Of Child
Sexual Assault In Missouri – Was Using A False name

Judge Drops Child Sex Assault Charges Against
Illegal Immigrant, Citing Deportation Order

Illegal Alien Invites ICE To Community Meeting  To
Whine About US Immigration — Gets Arrested, Faces Deportation

CBP Chief: “We Need Mexico To Do More On Migration


Dems Admit Trump Helped GOP Candidates
Sweep North Carolina Special Elections

77% of Americans Want To Protect Babies Who
Survive Abortions, Nancy Pelosi Has Blocked A Vote 80 Times

Obama’s State Department ‘Central To
Conspiracy To Smear Trump’

Biden Tried To Buy Putin’s Support For
Iraq War With Promise Of Oil Money

Beto O’Rourke Threatens To Reorder All Of
American Society, Force Americans Out Of Their Homes

Democrat-Activist Media

Fake News Works: Poll Finds 60% Say Recession Likely

Rachel Maddow Slapped With $10 Million Lawsuit
Over ‘Paid Russian Propaganda’ Accusations

Embarassing: Newsrooms All Ran With Junk
Study Purportedly Showing Trump Rallies Cause Hate Crimes

Scarborough: 2020 Dems Going Radical
On Illegals Is A Big Warning Sign

PolitiFact Rains on Trump’s Latest
Rally With Mangled ‘Fact Checks’