Must Know Headlines


Fake News Is Pushing Already Debunked Story By
Drunk Kavanaugh Accuser – They Must Be
VERY WORRIED About Ginsburg’s Prognosis

NYT Updates Kavanaugh ‘Bombshell’ To
Note Accuser Doesn’t Recall Alleged Assault

Trump Says He’s Planning ‘Very Substantial’
Middle-Class Tax Cut Before End Of 2020

Former NFL Player Accused Of Vandalizing His
Own Business With ‘MAGA’ And Racist Slurs

Student Snaps Pic Of College Professor’s
Lesson On ‘Normalizing Pedophilia’


Democrats Invite  Autistic Teen Activist To Testify On
‘Climate Crisis’: ‘They Know The Science …’

lhan Omar Thinks That She Was The Real Victim On 9/11

Dopey Former Bartender Says “Miami Will Not Exist” In Few
Years If We Don’t Obliterate Economy With Her Green New Deal

Democratic Candidates Call For Kavanaugh’s Ouster
Following Reports Drudging Up More Allegations

Drunk People in Minneapolis For Vicious Gang Assaults

Jared Kushner Demands Republicans Fall In Line
With Mass Migration Ahead Of 2020 Election

lhan Omar Compares SCOTUS Decision On Restricting
Refugees To Court Once Defending Slavery And Segregation

O’Rourke: USA Should Date Its Creation To
1619 When First Slaves Came, Not to 1776

Democrat-Activist Media

Cuomo Fights With Anti-AOC Ad Star,
Downplays Socialism In Cambodia

Criminal Facebook Shuts Down Benjamin Netanyahu’s
Account For “Hate Speech” Just Days Before Election

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson: Kavanaugh
‘Is The Fifth Guy In The Gang Rape’

Nike Commercial Starring Colin Kaepernick Wins Emmy Award

Hollywood Goes After Brett Kavanaugh: ‘He MUST Be Impeached’