Must Know Headlines


Union Boss Quietly Negotiating Deal With GM While
Embroiled In Million Dollar Corruption Investigation

Remains Of More Than 2,200 Unborn Children
Discovered In Illinois Home Of Dead Abortion Doctor

Son Of 9/11 Victim Slams Omar: ‘Draw Your
Own Line On What Side Do You Want To Be’

Brett Kavanaugh

New Detail Emerges In New York Times’ Smear Of Brett Kavanaugh

Leading Democrats, Candidates Renew Call To Impeach Kavanaugh
After Report Of Incident Alleged Victim Doesn’t Remember

200 Women Testify To Kavanaugh’s History Of ‘Treating
Women With Respect,’ Going Back To High School


21-Year-Old Honduran Native Accused Of Raping 6-Year-Old Girl
In Montgomery County, Maryland – Faces 155 Years In Prison

ICE Opens A Detention Center To Try To Show Conditions Are Humane

DACA Illegals Sue To Ensure They Can
Use Welfare And Still Get Green Cards


Do You Know What The Democrats Said At Their Debate?

Antisemite Ilhan Omar To Israelis: Don’t Vote For Netanyahu

Democrats Have Zero Credibility On Health Care

Gavin Newsom Commuted Prison Sentences Of
Convicted Murders And Attempted Murderers

Reps Omar And Tlaib Attack Anti-Socialist
New Faces GOP Ad Featuring AOC

Omar: God ‘Expects’ You To Vote A Certain Way

Bernie Wants To Ban All Deportations

Linda Sarsour Too Radical for Women’s March But Not For Bernie

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Proposes You Keep Your ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ To Yourself

CNN, MSNBC Spend 233 Minutes Shoveling
Flimsy Kavanaugh Attack

BBC Kids’ Series Teaches Children There
Are Over 100 Gender Identities

Wake Up! The New York Times Didn’t Make A
Mistake — They Smeared Kavanaugh On Purpose!

>NYT Insider Reveals Who Drafted And Sent
The Vile Tweet About Kavanaugh

Facebook Removes Angel Mom’s Posts On Illegals

MSNBC Guest: It’s A ‘Privilege’ To Not
Eat Meat To Save The Planet