Must Know Headlines


Intel Community IG Stonewalling Congress
On Backdated Whistleblower Rule Changes

MUST SEE VIDEO: Landowners And Businessmen Get Choked
Up Thanking “We Build the Wall” For Protecting Their Property

Rush Limbaugh Plays James Clapper Audio Admitting
Obama Made Them Spy On Trump! (AUDIO)

Trump Campaign: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob
Frey Trying To Block Trump Rally

Whistleblower Misled Inspector General
About Engaging With House Democrats


DNC Collusion, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump & More

Audio, Email: DNC Colluded With Ukraine:
Kiev Official Admitted Providing Trump Dirt To ‘Help Hillary’

Ukraine’s President: ‘I Was Never Pressured’
By Trump, ‘No Conditions’ Were Imposed

Biden Campaign Spox: Hunter Had Permission
To Serve On Ukrainian Gas Company’s Board

Biden, Son Could Be Forced To Testify In Trump Impeachment Trial

Giuliani: I Have Documents Showing
Ukrainian Collusion With Top Democrats


Joe Biden’s Son Listed As Director At China-Backed
Equity Firm, Government Filings Show

James Clapper Talks Russiagate On CNN — ‘Obama Made Us Do It!’

County Records Contradict Elizabeth
Warren’s Claim About Being Fired

AOC Unveils Manifesto: ” A Just Society” Means Rent
Control, Abolish Prisons, Welfare For All ILLEGALS

Joe Biden’s Corrupt Brother Involved In Ukraine

Warren Gives Unions Lobbying Loophole

Michigan Dem Booed By Constituents
For Supporting Impeachment

Julián Castro Tries To Lead LGBTQ Migrants Across The
US-Mexico Border, And It Does Not Go Very Well

Omar’s Attorney Says The Congresswoman’s
Second Marriage Is Over And The Media Is To Blame

Hillary Compares Decision To Stay With
Bill To Having A Transgender Child

Democrat-Activist Media

Nets, Cable Ignore Trump Signing Trade Deal With Japan, Helping Farmers

CNN Piece Claims ‘Joker’ Movie Is Racist

CNN Offers Place Where Millennials Can Complain How Hard Their Lives Are

Media Pretend That China Isn’t Communist

Nets Ignore Warren’s Tall Tale She Was Fired From Job Over Pregnancy

Pro-Abortion Joy Behar Turns “Joy To The World” Into A Song Trashing President Trump

Actress Ellen Barkin to ‘Dumb’ Trump Supporters: ‘Do You Want A Dumb President?’