Must Know Headlines


Rand Paul: President Trump Did NOT Give
Turkey The ‘Green Light’ To Invade Syria

Body Parts Buyers Were ‘Scalping The
Babies,’ Planned Parenthood Trial Reveals

Oh, So That’s Why CNN Doesn’t Cover Shootings In Places Like Chicago

Border Patrol Agent Injured By A Honduran
Driver At An Immigration Checkpoint

125 House Members Want To Censure Adam Schiff


Beto: Police Will Show Up To Confiscate AR-15s
From Owners Who Don’t Turn Them Over

‘Not One Cent’: Hunter Biden Tells ABC News He Received NO
money From China — But His Bank Records Tell A Different Story

 Hunter Biden Sat On The Amtrak Board And
His One Qualification Is Pathetic

Biden: ‘My Son Did Nothing Wrong. I Did Nothing Wrong’

Hunter Biden Glares At Interviewer, Orders Her To ‘Say It Nicer To Me’
After She Notes He Was ‘In And Out Of Rehab 7, 8 times’

AOC Holds Back Tears At Climate Summit

Elizabeth Warren’s Stubborn Dishonesty
On Raising Middle-Class Taxes

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) Tried To Get Kurt
Volker To Lie About Trump/Ukraine

Democrat-Activist Media

NY Times Cheers Democratic Socialism:
‘Something Unique To Fight For’

What a Joke: MSNBC Says Reporters Are Concerned
With ‘Not Offending’ Trump Voters

With Their Fake Video, Still No Correction

McConnell Challenger Stockpiles Cash From Steve Kerr,
More Than 96 Percent Of Amy McGrath’s
Contributions Came From Outside Kentucky

The Washington Post Is Becoming
Elizabeth Warren’s Love-Struck Stalker

Snopes Butchers Fact Check Of Viral Smear Of Chick-Fil-A