Must Know Headlines


Former CIA Director John McLaughlin On Trump’s
Impeachment: “Thank God For The Deep State”

Black Unemployment At New Record Low

Be Afraid: Conservative Journalist’s Family
Finds Creepy Threat On Security Camera

Attkisson: If Sperry Reporting Correct CIA ‘Whistleblower’
Likely  Worried Trump Admin Is Getting Close
To Uncovering DNC Ukrainian Crimes

Allegedly Transgender Woman Gashes 79-Year-Old Man’s
Head With Stiletto For Preaching On Subway: Report

Philadelphia: 3 Black Women Beat Homeless Man To Death
For A Racial Slur Towards A Child — Child Later


North Carolina Sanctuary Cities Freed
500 Criminal Illegal Aliens This Year

Trump Signs New Record-Low Refugee
Admission Ceiling; No Arrivals Since Oct. 1

AG Barr Limits Ways Aliens Can Fight Deportation


‘Grassroots’ Justice Dems Fueled By Out-of-District Money

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump’s
Health Care Rule For Immigrants

AOC Backs Anti-Cop Protesters Who
Stormed Brooklyn Subway Station 

Bernie Sanders: Trump Is Racist, Sexist,
Xenophobe, Homophobe, Religious Bigot

Ilhan Omar: Bernie Sanders ‘a President Who
This Is SAD, Biden Speaks To Screen Ignores Crowd

AOC’s Approach To Wages Helped Close A
Restaurant Where She Used To Work

Warren Admits ‘Medicare For All’ Could Cost U.S. 2
Million Jobs, Insists ‘No One Gets Left Behind’

Democrat-Activist Media

Actual CNN News Story: Trump’s Misspellings

NY Times’ 10-Page Attack On Trump Twitter’s
Racist, Conspiratorial, Anti Media-Madness

ABC, NBC Gush Over ‘Dream Team’ Of DiCaprio And Greta Thunberg

CNN’s Jim Acosta Says Trump Secretly Thinks He’s ‘Very Professional’