Must Know Headlines


DOW Reaches 110th All-Time High Since 2016
Election – Markets Up More Than 50%!

NYC: Husband Decapitates Wife, Slits Their
Five-Year-Old Daughter’s Throat, Hangs Himself

10-Year-Old Boy Shot In The Head In Philadelphia
While Walking Home From School

Bill Taylor: Ukraine Unaware of U.S. Hold on Aid
During July 25 Call, Quid Pro Quo Impossible

Investigation Of Trump Campaign Started
Earlier Than Official Timeline, Nunes Says


Pelosi-Schiff Democrats BLOCK ALL FUNDING
For US Border Wall  — Pass Funding For Border
Security In Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon And Assad’s Syria

Sanctuary County: Illegal Alien Killer
Escapes Jail Time, Gets Freed Into U.S.

Two Illegal Aliens Charged in Killing of California
Sheriff Deputy, Gov. Newsom Skips Memorial

Trump’s Border Wall Request Equals 0.1% of Federal
Spending; House Appropriators Offer $0

Maryland Officials Drop Sanctuary Policy
After Illegal Alien Sex Crimes

Growing Numbers Of Mexicans Flying To Canada
And Sneaking Across The Northern Border


Yovanovitch Communicated With Dem Staffer On ‘Delicate’
Issue After Complaint, Emails Sahow, Despite testimony

Whistleblower’s Attorney Mark Zaid Called
For Coup 10-Days After Trump’s Inauguration

Whistleblower Attorney Defends ‘Coup’ Tweet, As
Trump Calls For Impeachment Probe Shutdown

Alleged Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella Was Cited
In Key Passage Of Mueller Report

GOP Didn’t Run Anyone Against Democrat
Who Went To Jail For Sex With Teenager

Rand Paul Torches Media On ‘Whistleblower’:
‘Do Your Job And Print His Name’


Bernie Sanders Now Says He Wants To Dismantle
ICE And The Border Patrol, Admit More Refugees

McConnell: Democrats Don’t Have The Goods To Convict Trump

George Soros Dropped $800K To Defeat A Republican
DA, But She Won And Mocked Him In Her Victory Speech

Gov. Ralph Northam Confirms Virginia Already ‘Working
On’ Gun Confiscation Now That Democrats Are In Control

. Kamala Harris Introduces New Bill To Make School Days Longer

Ukrainian Gas Company Hunter Biden Worked For
Pressed Obama Admin To Drop Corruption Allegations

Democrat-Activist Media

All 3 Broadcast Networks Are Covering For Rapists

Trump Jr. Shocks Whoopi: Remember When You Excused Rape?

Media Triggered After Don Jr. Tweets About Alleged
‘Whistleblower’ — Whose Name Has Been Public For Weeks

Fake News Is Forced To Cover #EpsteinCoverUp
After Veritas Video Goes Mega Viral On Social Media

Anonymous Author Of NYT Op-Ed Makes Wild
Claim About Pence. Reporters Instantly Push Back On Claims.

Univision Stumps DNC’s Tom Perez: How Can Dems Compete
with Trump’s Record-Low Hispanic Unemployment?

Facebook Censors Posts With Name Of
Whistleblower, Unpublished Our Page