Must Know Headlines


Mo Brooks: ‘Whistleblower’ A Spy Acting On
Behalf Of The Democratic Party, Joe Biden

Marie Yovanovitch Testimony Offers No Impeachment Evidence

President Trump Releases First Zelensky Phone Call–Read Here

Epstein’s Jail Guards Reject Plea Deal


Al Sharpton Gets $1M In Pay From His Own Charity

California Dems Flood Colorado With Cash Ahead
Of National Popular Vote Referendum

Bribery: Democrats New Desperation Move

Democrats’ New Line That Trump Is Guilty Of
“Bribery” Shows That They Are Losing

Rep. Nunes: Democrats ‘Are Blind To The Blaring Signs Of
Corruption Surrounding Hunter Biden’s Well-Paid Position’

Flashback: Obama Fired All Of Bush’s Politically
Appointed Ambassadors In 2008

Immigration Fraudster, Tax Cheat & Homewrecker Ilhan Omar
Whines About Trump Getting Away With Corrupt Deeds

Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien Facing Manslaughter Charge Flees To Mexico After
Oregon Deputies Ignored ICE Detainer And Released Him

Deranged Anti-ICE Protester Sentenced To 3 Years
In Prison After Attacking Disabled Man

Democrat-Activist Media

Impeachment Frenzy: TV Networks Blast
Trump With 96% Negative News

PBS Finds 23 Seconds For Dow Jones Average
Passing 28,000 — ABC, CBS, NBC Spiked It

 Michael Bloomberg Pledges $100,000,000 On Anti-Trump Ad Blitz

Hypocrites! NY Times Attacks Journalist
Who Dared Investigate Biden