Must Know Headlines


Report: Amazon Founder, Washington Post Owner
Jeff Bezos The Richest Man In History

Liberal Tom Steyer Pledges $30 Million To
Engage ‘Political Power’ Of Millennials

Stephen K. Bannon Steps Down From Breitbart News Network

Latest Strzok-Page Texts Indicate FBI Leaks To Press

Another Imam In U.S. Calls For Killing Jews


Dems Admit They Need ILLEGALS For Their Votes

Foreign Student Program Oversight Is Sleepy And Passive

Federal Court Orders Trump Administration To Reinstate DACA


The REAL Truth: Oprah Is NOT A ‘Unifier’ She’s A Divider

Democrat Oprah Winfrey: White People Have To Die (VIDEO)

Huma Abedin Backed Up Her Emails To Weiner’s
Laptop, Even Though She Told FBI She Didn’t

Chelsea Manning Has Classy Message For
National Law Enforcement Day: ‘F**k The Police’

Snowflake Obama Would Have Melted If Treated Like Trump

Donald Trump

Trump Endorses Return To Pork-Barrel
Spending Projects As Means To create unity

After DACA Comments, Tucker Asks Trump: ‘What Was
The Point Of Running For President?’ [VIDEO]

Trump Honors MLK, Is Called ‘Racist Traitor‘ By Despicable Left

Ann Coulter Unleashed: ‘DACA Lovefest’ Hurts
Trump Worse Than Wolff Book

Democrat-Activist Media

Google’s Fact-Checker Sloppily Targets
Conservative Sites, Ignores Left-Wing Ones

 4 Times the New CBS Morning Host Conceded Liberal Media Bias

Wolff Admits: Didn’t Interview Any WH
Cabinet Officials For Anti-Trump Book

Teen Drama Calls ICE Enforcing Immigration
Law ‘Inhumane,’ ‘Witch Hunt’