Must Know Headlines


Ten Disturbing Findings In The Justice
Department Inspector General Report

IG Report Confirms Schiff Lied, Nunes Vindicated

Soros-Linked Group Gets Six GOP
Governors To Resettle More Refugees

372,000 Births To Immigrants Every Year, 33,000 To ‘Tourists’


Enviro-Tyrant Greta Thunberg Wins TIME Person
Of The Year, Joining Hitler, Stalin, And Obama

Democrats Are So Pathetic, They Are Now Fighting
Over Who Gets To Be Impeachment Manager

Sensenbrenner: Democrat Impeachment
‘Weakest Case In History’

Liberal Portland Wants To Force Building
Owners To Create Space For Homeless

Another House Democrat Says They Are Open To
Impeaching Trump Again If He Wins In 2020

Unsolved From Obama Era: Court Finally
To Probe Democrats’ IT scandal

House Approves Farmworker Amnesty,
Promotes Visa Workers Over Americans

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Carried ONLY 33% Of IG Hearing,
But 99% of Impeachment Debate

CNN Ignores Opening Statements In
Senate Judiciary Hearing On IG Report

Joy Behar Implies New Jersey Shooters Were
‘White Nationalists’ … There’s Just One Problem

Eric Holder Sends Warning To John Durham, Says William
Barr ‘Unfit’ To Be Attorney General, In WaPo Op-Ed

Cruz: Liberal Media Are ‘Panicking’ Like ‘Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship’

DESPICABLE: Deep State Bureaucrats Are Named
Time Magazine’s ‘Guardians Of The Year’

Fake News MSNBC, CNN Refused To Air Lindsey Graham’s Opening
Statement, But Aired Democrat Feinstein’s Trump Bashing (VIDEO)