Must Know Headlines


Embassy Siege In Baghdad Ends After U.S. Marines Arrive

Two Orthodox Jewish Teens Attacked In New York City In Less Than 24 Hours

Judge Won’t Say Why He Freed Monsey Stabbing Suspect Last Year

Abortion Was The Leading Cause Of Death
Worldwide In 2019, Killing 42 Million People

Serial Bank Robber Robs Bank, Gets Immediately
Released Under NY Reform Laws

It Begins: Four Time Bank Robber Walks Free
In New York Under New “Jail Reform” Law

President Trump

Trump List Shows 319 ‘Results’ And Promises Kept In Three Years

Donald Trump Signs Law To End Rape Kit Testing Backlog


Another Death Is Attributed To Illegal Alien Serial Killer
In The Dallas Area, Bringing Kill Count To 20

Border Patrol Agents Injured During Violent Assault In Texas, Says BP Union

These Are The New Taxpayer-Funded Benefits
Illegal Aliens In CA Get Starting Today

Trump Vastly Decreases Number Of Asylum
Claimants Who Can Stay In The United States


Iranian Militia Leader Leading Iraq U.S. Embassy
Raid Listed As Obama White House Guest

Joe Biden’s Latest Ad About Trump Is a Complete Lie

Democrat Judges Rule Unions Can Keep Dues
Extracted From Unwilling Participants

FLASHBACK Levin: Obama – Not Trump – Is Anti-Semitic,
the Biggest Funder of Terrorism World Has Seen

Newly-Elected Democrats Let Their Masks Slip,
Revealing The Fascists Beneath

Man Lures Pelosi In for Photo, Watch Her Face
Change When He Tells Her Off Instead

Democrat-Activist Media

NY Times FAIL! Runs Piece On Disgruntled
Trump Voter-But He Didn’t Vote In 2016

Fake News Media Claims Trump Played Golf
As US Embassy Attacked (He Didn’t)

USA Today Op-Ed On Church Shooting:
‘Terrifying’ That Parishioners Were Armed!

The 2019 Breitbart News Fake News Awards

Fake News 2020: Washington Post. NY Times,
CNN All Call Terrorists ‘Protesters’

Joy Reid Calls Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad “Trump’s
Benghazi” – Don Jr. Drops in And Sets Her Straight

Vox Editor Rings In New Year By Spreading Fake News In Viral Tweet

CBS News Apologizes After Confusing Rep. John
Lewis With Elijah Cummings

Caught In Defamation Suit, Rachel Maddow’s Legal Team Admits:
She Should Not Be Thought To Be Presenting FACTS On Air