Must Know Headlines


Nearly 400K Anchor Babies Born In 2019,
Exceeding U.S. Births In 48 States

Illegal Alien Captured After Allegedly
Raping 6-Year-Old Girl A Decade Ago

Watchdog Group Tells 5 States Of Millions
Of Extra Voter Registrations

U.S. Teen Killed In Cartel Attack Along
Mexican Border Region Highway

Yes, The United Nations Is Hiring “Disarmament
Officers” In New York. The Question Is “Why”?


Wikileaks Papers Offered Proof That Iran Was Providing Weapons
And Training to Iraqi Insurgency That Killed Hundreds Of US Soldiers

How The Obama Administration Helped
Finance the Attack On Our Own Embassy

Levin: Trump Didn’t Have To Alert Democrats of Airstrike
– Especially When They’re ‘Orchestrating A Coup’

Gen. Petraeus: Soleimani’s Death More
Significant Than Bin Laden’s

Trump Says U.S. Targeting 52 Sites in Iran

Iran Offers $80 Million Bounty For Donald
Trump’s Head (Thanks To Obama’s Cash Pallets)

WATCH: Obama’s DHS Secretary Obliterates
Dems’ Talking Points Over Soleimani’s Death


President Obama Launched 2,800 Airstrikes Without
Congressional Approval Or Fake Progressive Outrage

WATCH: Obama’s DHS Secretary Obliterates
Dems’ Talking Points Over Soleimani’s Death

Graham Gives Pelosi Ultimatum, Proposes Senate Rule
Change To Remove Her From Impeachment Process

Biden In 1996: “ACT OF WAR” If Iran Attacks U.S. Facility (VIDEO)

Warren Refuses To Condemn Terror Master Soleimani

Nancy Pelosi Calls On Congress To Curb Trump’s
War Powers As US-Iran Tensions Rise

Kaepernick Accuses Military Of ‘Terrorist Attacks,’ Calls
Troops Plunderers Of The ‘Non-White World’

Commie AOC Laments Being In Same Political Party As Joe Biden

Democrat-Activist Media

Dear Overpaid Celebrities, Nobody Cares About
Your Opinions. Just…Act. Love, Cops.

Gervais’ Anti-Hollywood Monologue
Leaves Celeb Audience Slack-Jawed

You Know Nothing About The Real World’: Ricky Gervais
Tells Golden Globe Winners Not To Make Political Speeches

‘F**K OFF’: Ricky Gervais Blasts Hollywood For Lecturing World,
Politicizing Everything, Trolls Them Over Epstein

Liberals, Media Freak At Death Of Terrorist Leader Soleimani (Videos)

George Lopez On Rumored Iranian
Bounty On Trump: ‘We’ll Do It For Half’

ABC Stands in Awe Of Iranian Politicians Chanting ‘Death To America’

Netflix Show Star Kills Her Baby In An
Abortion To Prove She Can “Love Myself”