Must Know Headlines


Gay Activist Dies By Suicide After LGBT Mob Hounds
Him For Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour

NO SWIMMING! ‘We Build The Wall Inc.’ Constructs
FIRST EVER Border Wall On Rio Grande River

China Pledges To Buy $200 Billion Of American
Goods Under Phase One Trade Deal

Somali Islamic Leader Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Four U.S. Children


Caravan Of Hundreds From Honduras Heads To US Border

ICE Issues Detainer For Illegal Immigrant Accused
Of Murdering 92-Year-Old NY Woman

Mother Of Murdered Woman Accuses California
Mayor Of Protecting Suspect, An Illegal Immigrant

Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump’s
Executive Order On Refugee Resettlement

New York Democrats Move To Register Illegal Aliens, Non-Citizens to Vote

Border Patrol Circulates Intel Alert Titled ‘Suspected
Suicide Bomber En Route To The U.S.’


Democrat Debate: Candidates Vow To End
America’s Energy Renaissance 

Bernie Sanders: ‘Trump Is… A Racist, A Sexist, A
Homophobe, A Xenophobe And A Religious Bigot’

President Trump Says Democrats Would Have Leaked
News Of Soleimani Strike To The Media

AOC-Linked Dark Money Group To Spend
$500G Attacking Biden, Buttigieg

House Approves Iran War Powers Resolution,
Seeking To Limit Trump’s Military Options

Bill Clinton Poses in Front Of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita
Express’ with Deceased Pedo’s Right-Hand Woman

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Pans Pelosi For Celebratory Handing-Out-Of-Pens
At Signing Of Impeachment Articles

Morning Joe Trashes ‘Dull’ & ‘Lifeless’ Dem Debate: ‘Nobody Looked Good’

CBS, NBC Downplay Trump, China Signing Phase One Trade Deal

Joy Behar Is So Trump Deranged She Just Applauded A Neo-Nazi

MSNBC Admits It Spread Iranian
Propaganda During Rocket Attacks

Report: Pelosi Got Idea To Withhold Impeachment
Articles by Watching Fake News CNN

‘Taxi Driver’ Screenwriter Paul Schrader Ponders Screenwriting
Assignment About Killing President Trump