Must Know Headlines


Finally. The Feds — Including ICE — Appear To Be Investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar

VIDEO: Abuser Who Beat Woman On Video Gets
Immediately Released Due To New Law

Republican Iraqi Refugee Running Against Ilhan Omar Opens
Up On Her Friendship With Ambassador Killed In Benghazi Raid

Climate Expert Shreds AOC, Thunberg Claims In Congressional Hearing

Students Assigned To Pack Bags And Pretend
They Are Refugees in Trump’s America


Here They Come Again: 3500 Migrants On Way To U.S. From Honduras

New York Freed 7.5K Criminal Illegal Aliens Into U.S. In 2019,
Including Convicted Murderers, Sex Abusers

Watch–ICE Director: Bill de Blasio’s Sanctuary Policy
‘Sole Reason’ 92-Year-Old Maria Fuertes Is Dead

Female Border Patrol Agent Attacked By Smugglers
While Rescuing Migrant Family. Media Blackout.

‘I Want Trump Out!’: Migrants Plan To Cross
US Border Once Trump Leaves Office

REPORT: Border Patrol Apprehends Truck Load
Of Illegal Aliens From 7 Countries [PHOTO]

29 Criminal Aliens Released By Franklin County Sheriff’s Office In Recent Weeks


Democrats Go To Mexico And blast Trump Over Border Tent Cities

GAO Found Obama Broke The Law 7 Times

Planned Parenthood Launches $45M Campaign
To Cack Democrats in 2020

FISA Court Selects Former Obama Admin Lawyer,
Left-Wing Blogger To Oversee FBI’s Surveillance Reforms

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN’s Bias Is Now Beyond Laughable

Seething McSally: Reporters Are ‘In Cahoots With The Democrats’

‘Never Trump’ Group With Ties To Soros Runs Ads Urging
GOP Senators To ‘Let Bolton Testify’ In Trump Senate Trial

You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind Two New HBO Journalism Docs

Omission Watch: Vanity Fair Says Obamas
‘Making Themselves Super Rich’