Must Know Headlines


MUST SEE LIST of President Trump’s Historical &
Miraculous Accomplishments Three Years Into His Presidency

“Friday Next Week Is going To Be Phenomenal. It’s Going To Be EPIC!” –
General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell Promises Big News This Friday!

Republican Muslim Refugee Dalia al-Aqidi Announces
She’s Running Against Ilhan Omar

Meet The Navy Veteran Aiming To Beat Maxine Waters: Joe Collins

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: No Quid Pro Quo Was
Ever Mentioned In Any Conversations

Anti Cop Leftist Shoots, Kills 2 Police Officers In Honolulu Hawaii

ILLEGAL Immigration

ICE Issues List Of ‘Fugitive’ Illegal Immigrants Freed
By New York City’s Sanctuary City Policies

Judge: Giving States Veto Power On Taking Refugees
‘Flies in the Face’ of Congressional Intent

Mexico Vows To Stop Central American Caravan Bound For US

ICE Deporting Illegal Migrants To Home Countries —
From Guatemala, Before Arriving At U.S. Border

ICE Escalates Fight With NYC’s Sanctuary Laws, Slaps City With Subpoenas


Northam to Limit Crowd Size At Gun Rights Rally

Crazy Sanders Worker From Veritas Video Has Long Criminal Record

Senator Biden Paid Men More Than Women,
Now Blames Pay Gap On White Men

House Democrats Block McCarthy Measure
Supporting Iranian Protesters

Democrats Do Not Have An Impeachable Offense

Democrat House Candidate Supports
Replacing Jail Time With Art Class

Finally. The Feds — Including ICE —
Appear To Be Investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar

Elizabeth Warren Wonders How Americans Could Ever Vote For A Liar

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Media Forced To Concede: Trump Was
Right About Puerto Rico’s Government

New York Times Smears Trump Supporter As ‘White Nativist’

New York Times Endorses Warren And Klobuchar In primary

Robert De Niro To Cheers At SAG Awards: ‘We’re In Such A Dire Situation’