Must Know Headlines


The Actual Racist Protest The Mainstream
Media Ignored On MLK Day

Cases Of Bottled Water Found Inside Another Vacant Building In Flint

Construction Worker Stabs And Kills Pro-Trump Boss
With A Trowel, Drapes American Flag On His Body

Illegal Aliens

ICE Chief: NY Sanctuary City Policies The
‘Sole Reason’ Elderly Woman Was Murdered

Iowa Girl Killed By An Illegal Immigrant. He Blames
“Sleep Deprivation”. Taxpayers Covering His Bills.

Democrats Gird For Another Fight Over Use Of
Pentagon Funds For Border Wall Construction

Donald Trump

Black Trump Supporter: Trump Is The Blackest President We Have Ever Had”

African CEO Praises Trump And America

President Donald Trump Declares January 22nd
“National Sanctity Of Human Life Day”

Iran Has Spies Across U.S., Officials Warn After
Tehran Posts $3M Bounty On Trump


Warren’s Son-In-Law Produced Film Funded By Iran

AOC Goes Full Stalinist: ‘You Need To Give Up Control And Power’

Pretending Hunter Biden Is Irrelevant

AOC Can’t Comprehend The Difference Between A
Peaceful 2A Rally And Black Lives Matter Riots

‘Moderate’ Biden Supports Ending Detention
Of ALL Illegal Immigrants (Video)

Hillary Clinton: Democrats Don’t Have Enough Control
Of Media To ‘Influence Americans’ Thinking’

Why Criminal Prosecution Might Be The
Least Of Ilhan Omar’s Legal Concerns

Another Sanders Staffer Caught On Camera. ‘Guillotine The Rich’

Biden’s Team Is Rewriting What Took Place In Ukraine But
They Conveniently Left Out A Key Piece Of Information

Democrat-Activist Media

VIDEO: WATCH: Ivanka Trump Ignores Jim
Acosta When He Sticks A Microphone In Her Face

CNNers Gush About How ‘Very Smart’
Dems Were on Day 1 Of Senate Trial

FLASHBACK: Today’s Impeachment
Cheerleaders Hated It Back in ’98

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Hypes
‘Devastating’ CNN Impeachment Poll