Must Know Headlines


Fake News Blacks Out Trump Defense Lawyer Pam
Bondi Exposing Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Corruption

Gallup: Race Relations Better Under
Donald Trump Than Barack Obama

Democrat Senator Admits Impeachment ‘Bereft Of Evidence’

Republicans Blow Out Beto O’Rourke-Backed Democrat
In Key Texas House Race, Report Says

‘Horrified’: Public NYC Preschool Teaches
Kids They Can Pick Their Own Gender

Rand Paul: Trump Children Should Sue Schumer For ‘Defamation’


Joe Biden Says ICE Shouldn’t Deport Drunk-Driving Illegal Aliens

Illegal Immigrant Released Under Obama Kills
Father Often, Serves Less Than One Year In Prison

Georgia Officer Gets Run Over By Illegal Immigrant With Four Prior DUI’s


‘He Just Made it Up!’: Rand Paul Blows Up After Chuck
Schumer Floats Fake Rumor About Trump Kids

AOC Won’t Pay Dues For Dem Group She Joined
– But Expects YOU To Pay Higher Taxes

Ashley Biden Organization Received $166K Federal
Grant While Father Was Vice President

If Democrats Really Thought Trump Was An Existential
Threat, They’d Moderate Their Extremism

Hillary Clinton Says She Still Feels The Urge To Beat Donald Trump

Three Days After Promoting Post Falsely Accusing Jews Of
Murdering Child, Rashida Tlaib Issues Non-Apology

WATCH: Joe Biden Puts Hands On Voter,
Tells Him To Go Vote For Someone Else

Working Class Voters Betrayed By Globalization Turn To
Trump’s GOP: ‘Democrats Weren’t Looking Out For Me

Joe Biden Suggests Making Michelle Obama Running Mate,
Appointing Barack To Supreme Court

Democrat-Activist Media

‘Attacking A 9-Year-Old’: Ted Cruz Snaps At Reporter
For Comparing Hunter Biden To His Children

Hypocritical ‘News’ Media Have Done A
Complete Flip-Flop On Impeachment

Matthews: ‘I Just Don’t Get Argument’ That Bidens Aren’t Trump

Senate Impeachment Defense Finishes, Now

Democrats Will Leak More Crap To The Media