Must Know Headlines


U.S. Imported 260K Foreign Nationals From
Travel Ban Nations Since 2016

Alleged Al-Qaeda Terrorist Leader Arrested In Phoenix On Murder Charges

Meet Burgess Owens: The Anti-Colin Kaepernick

HMM: Coronavirus Patent Is Owned By
Vaccine-Production Institute Funded By Bill Gates

Islamic Extremists Hack 36 To Death With
Machetes, Including Christian Pastor In DRC

President Trump Scores Home Run At Super Bowl
With Beautiful Alice Johnson Ad — Reuniting Families

Rand Paul Calls On President Trump To
Remove John Bolton’s Security


Peter Schweizer Unveils The Layers Of
Corruption Behind The Biden Family

Joe Biden Lectures Black Voter, Pokes Him
In The Chest… For Asking Questions (VIDEO)

Democratic Congressman Says He’s ‘Disturbed’ By ICE
Arrest Of Illegal Alien With Multiple Theft Convictions

Opera Singer Arrested After Running Secret
Service Checkpoints, Police Shooting

Report: Ilhan Omar Paid Over $500,000 To Alleged Lover’s Firm

Democrat Strategist Admits Joe Biden Is Mentally Deteriorating

Blue State Blues: Democrats’ Case Against Trump Is Built on 5 Misquotes

Pro-Life Democrats ‘Fed Up’ With Party’s ‘Abortion Extremism’

Democrat-Activist Media

Schiff Tells CBS 3 Times, Trump Is Still
Threatening To Cheat In 2020 Election

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Jennifer Lopez Slides
Down Stripper Pole, Crotch-Grabbing Galore

Jorge Ramos Tried To Wokescold Hispanic
Trump Supporters, Got SCHOOLED