Must Know Headlines


Massive Drug Smuggling Tunnel Discovered
Going from Mexico To San Diego

Van Jones Tells Democrats To ‘Wake Up,’ Says
Trump Is ‘Causing Us Problems’ With The Black Vote

Mark Zuckerberg Declares Facebook’s Support Of Free Speech
Amidst Unprecedented Crackdown On Alternative Media


Dem Women in White Sit While Trump Announces
Lowest Minority Unemployment Numbers EVER

President Trump and Scoffed at By Speaker Pelosi (VIDEO)

Pelosi Does Not Applaud As Trump Announces
Scholarship For 4th Grade Student

Melania Trump Awards Rush Limbaugh Presidential
Medal Of Freedom At Trump State Of The Union Address

Trump Honors Parents Of ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller

WATCH: Trump Reunites Military Spouse With Soldier Husband At SOTU

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Snubs President Trump
With Shortened SOTU Introduction

Trump Accuses Dems of Sheltering Illegal Immigrant Criminals
Rather Than Creating ‘A Sanctuary for Law-Abiding Americans’

Pelosi Goes Bonkers, Tears Up Trump’s State Of The Union On National TV

WATCH: Trump Reunites Military Spouse With Soldier Husband At SOTU


Adam Schiff Warns Donald Trump Could Give
Alaska to the Russians If Not Impeached

Forty Percent Of Ilhan Omar’s Campaign
Spending Went To Alleged Boyfriend’s Firm

5 More Reasons That Supposedly ‘Debunked’
Joe & Hunter Biden Story Is Here To Stay

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Law Criminalizing Free Speech On The Internet

Elizabeth Warren Caught Getting Off Private Jet In NY

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN’s Bakari Sellers Calls Trump Super Bowl Ad The ‘I Freed A Negro Ad’

Evening News Spin: 100% Negative On Trump Defense, 95% Positive Dems

‘Disgusting’: Jim Acosta Slammed For Accusing Rush
Limbaugh Of ‘Racism’ After Medal Of Freedom Award

CNNers Belittle Trump’s SOTU Guests: Like Oprah Handing Out Cars

Celebs Praise ‘Brave’ Greta Thunberg After Nobel Peace Prize Nomination