Must Know Headlines


Orange County Has Released Thousands Of Criminal
Illegal Aliens Because Of California’s Sanctuary Law

An Al Qaeda Leader Came To America As A Refugee,
And Applied For Disability For Bullet Wounds

More Than 500 Arrested In Statewide Human Trafficking Operation

SOTU Guest Whose Brother Was Killed By Illegal:
By Tearing Up Speech, Pelosi ‘Ripped Our Hearts Out’

IT’S ON: GOP Senate Leaders Demand Hunter Biden’s
Secret Service Records After Trump’s Acquittal

Soros Gave Millions To Company That Botched Iowa Caucus App

President Trump

Acquitted By  The Senate, High In The Polls, His
Foes In Disarray. This Was Donald Trump’s Best Week Ever

Trump More Popular In Utah Than Romney

Seeing This New Trump Video Of SOTU Guests
Makes It Tough To Watch Pelosi Tearing Up Their Stories


Florida Trooper Shot Dead By Stranded Driver On Interstate

Hero Down: Kimberly Police Officer Nick O’Rear
Murdered By Gunman During Pursuit


Markets Reach New Highs: S-P 500 and Nasdaq
Closed At All-Time Highs – DOW Up Nearly 2%

Private Payrolls Soar In January, The Best Monthly Gain In Nearly 5 Years


AOC: Trump ‘Giving Out Cash To
Black Americans At His Rallies’

Nancy Pelosi ‘Pre-Ripped’ Pages Of
Trump’s SOTU Speech, Video Shows

Pelosi Was Caught In a Massive Lie About
Shredding Trump’s SOTU Speech

DEMOCRAT SCANDAL: Two National DNC Staff Members
REMOVED After Internal Investigation of Misconduct

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Lauds Romney: ‘President Of The Republican Resistance’ To Trump

Jorge Ramos Tried To Wokescold Hispanic
Trump Supporters, Got SCHOOLED Instead

CNN’s ‘New Day’ Has No Pro-Trump
Guests To Discuss State Of The Union

‘View’ Hosts Lose It Over ‘Racist’ Limbaugh Getting Award:
‘Supposed to Go to People Who Actually Did Stuff’