Must Know Headlines


Van Driver Plows Through GOP Voter Registration
Tent In Florida, Sheriff’s Office Says

FBI Director Admits: Yes, Surveillance
Of Carter Page Was Illegal

Rep. Scalise: ‘People Ought To Go To Jail;
I Have Seen Some Classified Information’

U.S. Economy Added 225,000 Jobs In January

Hispanic Employment Sets Record, Labor Force
Participation Rate Highest Since March 2010 in January


Bronx NYPD Shootings: Second Attack
Reported As Gunman Opens Fire Inside Precinct

NYPD Officer Ambushed – Shot In The
Face While Sitting In His Vehicle


Tucker Carlson Exposes The ‘Most Radical’ Immigration
Bill That Is Designed To ‘Create A Whole New Country’

Report: Illegal Immigrants In Just A Handful
Of States Costing Taxpayers $454 Million


House Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Illegals
To Seek Damages From Employers

In Love With Lying: For Today’s Enraged,
Power-Obsessed Democrats, Deception Is A Creative Force

Bernie Sanders Says We Have ‘A Racist Society From Top To Bottom’

GOP Candidate Kimberly Klacik Believes She
Can Flip Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore District

Joe Biden: ‘I’ve Never Focused On Money For Me’

Ocasio-Cortez’s White Boyfriend Explains How
To Combat Racism As A White Person

WATCH: AOC Says It’s ‘Physically Impossible’
To Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps

Ilhan Omar Under Fire For Saying Benefits Of
G.I. Bill Should Be Applied ‘To Everybody’

Democrat-Activist Media

“I’m Seeing What Socialism’s Like. It’s Not Only Not Free. It Doen’t
Freakin Work!” – Chris Matthews Goes Off After DNC Debate (VIDEO)

CNN’s Rye: Trump’s ‘Pro-Life’ Judges ‘Want To Kill Off Everyone Else’

New York Times Reports ‘Black Workers’ Wages Are Finally Rising’

Brain-Dead MSNBC Anchor Wants ‘Gerrymandering’
To Rig The Senate For Democrats After Impeachment